Alternative Spare Parts

CRUG Seals are produced of high quality FKM rubber compound, having 80 Shore a hardness and excellent wear, abrasion, chemical, water and Oil resistance at elevated temperature ranges offering increased long term stability and performance. This unique compound has other very beneficial properties including low compression set under pressure, meaning it will retain the Sealing integrity under pressure. Media compatibility: Excellent resistance to all lubricating oils, fuels, air, hot and cold water, dilutes acids and alkalis. The performance of fluor elastomers in aggressive chemicals depends on the nature of the base polymer and the compounding ingredients used for molding the final products.

Size range 170 -1200mm.

Sealing rings as alternative spare parts are designed to be fully compatible with the sealing systems (with the type and size range) of the following producers:

Simplex® Compact SC-1 / SC-2 / SC-3 types;
Kobelco® C-types, CX/ DX /AX;
Kemel® stern tube seals;
Wärtsilä®: MK-2;
Lips®: MK-2;
John Crane®: MK-2;
Waukesha®: MK-2;
Chuetsu®: MK-2;
Dover Japan®: MK-2;
JMT (Japan Marine Technology)®: MK-2;
Deep Sea Seals®: MK-2;
IHC Lagersmit®: Supreme;
Others that are in progress now.

Beside Sealing rings we supply corresponding Chrome AFT Liners, Distance rings and Net cutters.